Facebook Ads Secrets

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Topics for this course

16 Lessons2h 8m 25s

Facebook Ad Secrets

How To Create a FB Business Account3:14
How To Create Ad Account2:17
How To Add Payment Method1:46
How To Edit Business Settings3:19
How To Add FB Page Or Create FB Page18:39
Ads Manager Column Setup [Lead Gen]12:19
Ads Manager Column Setup [Purchase E-Commerce]4:37
How To Create FB Pixel3:29
How To Add FB Pixel On WordPress3:05
How To Add Lead Event Code On Page3:27
Installing The FB Pixel Helper2:02
How To Write Your Ad Creatives15:57
How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation31:11
Understanding Campaign and Ad Objectives7:12
Using Built-In Video Maker In Ads Manager8:00
Draft Lesson8:01